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Magno is a company with more than 20 years of experience implementing world-class commerce solutions. We are leaders at implementing B2C, B2B, D2C solutions for Retail, Manufacturing, Distribution customers. We have operations in 6 countries.
At Magno, we understand the challenges our clients face and are prepared to help them succeed in the ever-changing landscape that is today’s Marketplace. We will work side-by-side to design strategies that are 100 % aligned with their business objectives.
We always go the extra mile to ensure we deliver a best-in-class digital experience, helping you imagine, create and manage digital solutions that can adapt swiftly to market changes, turning challenges into opportunities.
Our team provides end-to-end solutions and is well versed in all aspects of the online shopping experience. We have performed both On-Premises, Cloud-based, and SaaS implementations, allowing you to both use your infrastructure or minimize capital expenditures and pay-as-you-go for what you use.
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HCL is an 8.6 Billion leading global technology company with 137,000 employees across 44 countries with a deep tradition of partnering with its customers. HCL Software has 12 development labs whose mission is to drive ultimate customer success through relentless innovation.

Our Partnership with HCL

We have a deep and long-term partnership with HCL This partnership drives useful innovation to market on a rapid scale HCL Commerce allows us to offer multiple implementation models to better serve the needs of our customers HCL’s roadmap is chock full of new features, innovation and is built in conjunction with its customers and partners Many of the world leading e-commerce sites use HCL Commerce HCL Commerce is a best of breed, modern, Cloud Native, highly scalable solution HCL Commerce is multi-site, multi-currency, multi-language platform