Your customers have high expectations for personalized, seamless and relevant shopping experiences across multiple channels. Meeting those expectations can help earn customer loyalty and drive sales. HCL Commerce is an omni-channel commerce platform that gives you the customer and business insight needed to engage shoppers as individuals with personalized content and offers, deliver mobile optimized experiences and more quickly respond to market opportunities to grow your business.

B2C ->

Create a superior B2C brand experience by engaging shoppers seamlessly across channels with personalized content and offers that are optimized for web, mobile and tablet delivery.

  • Provides superior customer experience and create unique sites to serve different brands, regions or different business models.
  • Provides all the features, models and best practices necessary for a direct to consumer online stores. Our storefronts offer rich capability from advanced faceted search and mini shopping carts to integrated inventory availability and product comparisons.
  • Deliver personalized promotions, emails and advertisements with marketing tools.
  • Enables marketing managers to maximize the value of all consumer and business relationships by offering powerful yet intuitive tools that deliver highly personalized campaigns, advertisements, and promotions while measuring the effectiveness of each initiative.
  • Enables merchandisers to maximize sales revenue and profitability by providing tools that give them the ability to optimize the promotion, packaging, categorization and sales of individual products, catalogs, categories, and brands.
  • Improve customer service through greater inventory visibility and order status.
  • Provides sophisticated catalog and product management tools
  • Provides an integrated search engine to facilitate site navigation and the easier finding of products
  • Provides tools that minimize the dependency on IT to create and manage store pages.

B2B ->

B2Bcustomers’ expectations have been reset by their experiences as B2C buyers

  • Deliver an engaging B2C experience in a B2B world
  • Enable buyers to interact anywhere, anytime
  • Execute your business strategy with every customer interaction
  • Accelerate the on boarding of new buyers
  • Manage configurable products and services
  • Quickly adapt new business models and enter new markets
  • Confidently commit to delivery dates, while providing an integrated pre and post sales process
  • Provide Governance and Control of Quotes and Approvals
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