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Walmart, Target, Marks & Spencer’s, Staples, Lowe’s, Abercrombie & Fitch, Bass Pro, Ann, Best Buy, BJ’s, Cabela’s, Carter’s, Costco, DSW, GameStop, Home Depot, Ikea, Hudson’s Bay, JCPenney, Kohl’s, Nordstrom, Sephora, REI are all excelling at the omni-channel user experience.

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The best way to explain the Omnichannel concept is with an example, let’s assume the following: a person is walking down the street after a day of work. Stops in front of a sports store and sees a tennis racket that he likes. How timely! I had in mind to buy a new racket a few weeks ago. As the store is closed, he takes out his cell phone, visits the store site and saves the product link to see more detail at home.

As John arrives home, he goes online but this time he is using his home computer. He pulls up the racket on the screen, now he can see a lot more detail about it, looks at the photographs, even sees similar products using a compare function, but he is still undecided. John puts the racket on the shopping cart, but does not complete the purchase.

Couple of days go by and he passes again in front of the same store and there it is looking back at him, the racket! But now, it has a discount if purchased online. John quickly pulls his tablet goes to the store site and buys the racket taking advantage of the promotion to buy online and receive a discount.

As John is finishing the transaction the system suggests a shipping date and cost, but John is the type of customer that likes to check the product when he buys it, likes to make sure the racket is right for him so he decides to use the Buy Online Pick up in Store (BOPIS) method. He saves money on the shipping and can make sure this is the racket he wants. He pays for the racket and a few hours later he gets a notification on his cell that the racket is ready for pickup. As he goes home that evening he stops by the store picks up his racket and goes home a happy client. John  was able to enjoy the Omnichannel user experience he prefers and that was what closed the deal for him.