Who is Magno?

Magno is a company that -->

Magno is a company that understands the challenges our customers are facing today and is prepared to accompany its customers and help them succeed in an ever changing landscape where on a daily basis:
  • The retail world is changing rapidly and bringing new challenges and opportunities daily
  • Technology is disrupting business models at an ever faster pace
  • Companies that at the same time close stores but keep growing their business in other channels
  • A retail environment where consumers are savvier, smarter and better prepared than ever
  • A retail where companies are looking at the store of the future but no one knows what it should look like…

Magno is a company who -->

Magno is a company who is completely focused in bringing to your customers the right customer experience:
  • A customer experience that keeps customers coming back.
  • A customer experience that works as one.
  • A customer experience where the customers satisfaction, convenience and well-being is at the center.

Magno is all about helping companies move to -->

Magno is all about helping companies move to the new way, SaaS, Omni-Channel, Customer Satisfaction, Social engagement, Mobile.
  • Magno is passion and excellence in everything we do
  • Magno is about taking the challenges head on with our customers and coming out on the other side having achieved the objectives.
  • Magno is a company dedicated to working with people, processes and technology making these the pillars of our customers success
  • Magno is a company with offices in multiple countries and continents.

Magno's Experience -->

Magno’s Experience.
  • We have a highly qualified and certified team in HCL Commerce Suite, Sterling Order Management and other tools and technologies.
  • We are 100% dedicated to the success of our clients with more than 300,000 hours of experience in commerce implementations.
  • Magno has implemented many of the largest Commerce implementations in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico.
  • We have offices in the following countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, India, Mexico and in the United States.
  • Our consultants were the first to implement B2C Version 7 beginning in 2009 and to implement B2B in version 7 in Latin America starting in 2010.
  • We implement advanced features of the product. We are experts in application integration with ERP (SAP, JDE and others) which facilitates any implementation.
  • We have successfully completed end-to-end migrations of customers that had older versions of the platform or their our built in house platform or third-party products to Commerce.
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